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Open Door Speech Therapy provides both in-home and tele-practice speech and language services to children and young adults. Open Door Speech Therapy believes that a natural and familiar setting paired with family involvement will encourage clients to feel comfortable to try new things and enhance their communication skills.

  Welcome to Open Door Speech Therapy  

Hi there! I'm Hannah Moore. I am the owner and sole practitioner of Open Door Speech Therapy. I am an ASHA certified, speech-language pathologist and licensed in the state of California. Since graduating with my master’s degree from San Diego State University, I worked in public schools with middle school and high school aged students in north county San Diego for seven years and opened ODST in 2019. I have clinical experience working with individuals of all ages and various communication disorders. My strengths include remediating the /r/ sound , working with gestalt language processors and children with sensory needs, and providing neurodiversity affirming care. 


I believe that communication is one of the most valuable life skills and I am passionate about helping my clients become confident communicators.  I am a heart-centered clinician and take a holistic approach to develop individualized therapy plans to meet the needs of each client. I consider all areas of a client's life that may impact their ability to communicate  effectively. Additionally, I integrate mindfulness techniques into my practice in order to help clients and their caregivers build awareness and cultivate feelings of non-judgement toward their progress. Building a trusting relationship with my clients and their caregivers is essential for making progress during the treatment process. I always bring my sense of humor to every therapy session and encourage my clients to have fun while learning. 

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Hannah Moore, M.A., CCC-SLP

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