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Our Specialties

Articulation Disorders

Articulation disorders occur when a child struggles to produce a sound or sounds. Most children will say all sounds correctly by age 8. Phonological processes occur when children produce errored sound patterns in order to simplify adult speech. It is important to note that using these patterns is typical for children up until age 3. By age 5, children should be decreasing the use of these errored patterns and most of their speech should be intelligible, or understood. We specialize in supporting older children with the production of R. 

Gestalt Language Processing

Does your child communicate with delayed echolalia? Do they often repeat scripts from their favorite shows, books, or songs? They may be a gestalt language processor meaning they process language in chunks rather than individual units. Some children achieve self-generated original language on their own, while some children may need support. 

We support GLPs through the Natural Language Acquisition Framework

Self-Advocacy is the new "Social Skills"

Special Interest Groups for Teens/ Young Adults Coming Soon...

Orton-Gillingham Reading Tutoring

Reading and Literacy Support Coming Soon...

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